It's Your Move!

It's Your Move!

It’s Your Move

The Moving Checklist



Moving you and your family can be an extremely stressful event.  However, you can minimize the stress with a little bit planning and research.  Go through your household items and clothing and deciding what you need to take with you.  By researching the area of your new home you will find that you may not need to move everything you use now based on the style of home or the weather in your new location.  Have a yard sale or donate clothing and other items to a charity.  All too often, people move boxes they haven’t opened in years only to move them to the new home and never open them again.


We hope that this checklist will assist you in a smooth and hassle free move.


60 - 90 Days Prior to Your Move


Proper Planning

  • Create packing plan for everyone in your family and assign everyone a task
  • Scale down household items and go through old clothing
  • Start a filing system for inventory, photos and paperwork
  • Set a date for the garage sale to reduce the amount of items to move
  • Collect boxes and packing supplies
  • Establish a designated packing area
  • Obtain quotes from moving companies and get references
  • Contract with the moving company to use based on price and reputation
  • Communicate with your relocation company, if applicable.
  • Check for travel arrangements for your family and pets


Financial Records and Personal Files

  • Maintain an expense folder of receipts, speak with your accountant
  • Assemble all insurance policies and contact them about the move
  • Check with your Doctor, Dentist, etc. about transferring records
  • Obtain change of address forms, Post Office, IRS, DMV, etc.
  • Contact the schools, if applicable.
  • Check in with credit cards and other organizations for change of address



30 Days Prior to Your Move


Proper Planning

  • Pack items and clothing you are not using
  • Reserve storage if needed
  • Reconfirm you appointment with the moving company
  • Contact your utility companies for procedures
  • Do an pre-move inventory to assure all boxes are moved
  • Make arrangements for children and pets
  • Have an unpacking plan of attack in the new home


Financial Records and Personal Files

  • Fill in change of address with Post Office,
  • Give change of address to friends, banks, schools, etc.
  • Complete necessary paperwork with new DMV
  • Terminate service contracts as of the moving day
  • Determine what utility companies need from you in new home


14 Days Prior to Your Move


Proper Planning

  • Begin final cleaning
  • Check with service provider for painting, cleaning, repairs, etc.
  • Reconfirm closing and monies needed to close with title company
  • Continue packing and label boxes as to what room they belong in


Financial Records and Personal Files

  • Organize all pertinent documents for easy access
  • Re-confirm Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacies, etc.
  • Update files






One Week Prior to Your Move


Proper Planning

  • Arrange for proper disposal of old computers, paints, etc.
  • Backup all computers
  • Develop a contingency plan if closing does not happen in a timely manner
  • Have cash on hand for incidentals and tips
  • Begin packing last items
  • Get the kids involved with their toys
  • Keep suitcase handy for day of moving for last minute items
  • Plan easy meals for the week and moving day
  • Prepare Moving Day Kit ( see below)
  • Prepare special labels for the kids boxes and get them involved
  • Prepare a moving guide for the movers with your contact info, maps, exact address
  • Prepare a move in plan for you and the movers as to where the boxes go


Financial Records and Personal Files

  • Cancel scheduled delivers, paper, etc.
  • Open new bank account in new area
  • Gather all keys, remotes, etc for home to convey
  •  Return library book, videos, items borrowed from friends


On Your Moving Day


  • Have Moving Day Kit ready and easily assessable
  • Final cleaning, floors, appliances, fixtures, etc.
  • Give movers all your contact information, maps, etc.
  • Review your inventory list with the movers
  • Carefully go over your moving bill with the movers
  • Obtain the phone numbers of the movers and contact information
  • Map out the new home for you and the movers to expedite the move
  • Perform a final walk-through of your old home
  • Note: If your home is going to empty for some time notify the local police



7 Days After the Move


  • Rekey all locks
  • Check on status of moving deposits
  • Check operation  of all smoke detectors and fire extinguishers
  • Work on minor repairs or call a handyman
  • Clear living areas of boxes and hang pictures
  • Locate pharmacies, stores and familiarize yourself with the new area
  • Have the kids help with their rooms
  • Confirm address changes, bank accounts, voter registration, etc
  • Maintain moving files




Moving Day Supply Checklist



  • Files with all names and phone numbers
  • Keys to new home
  • Personal affects, toiletries, clothing, sheets, towels, etc
  • Small medicine kit with band aids, aspirin, prescriptions, etc.
  • Small maintenance tool box
    • Light hammer
    • Screwdriver
    • Wrench
    • Tape measure
    • Pencil  & paper
    • Scissors
    • Tape
    • Flashlight
  • Light snacks, bottled water, sodas, paper cups & plates, napkins and utensils
  • Pet food, if applicable
  • Closing documents and files


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