Buy Now!  You’ll Thank Me Later

The time to buy is now.  All too often we wait to see what other people are doing before we act.  This is true with buying real estate.  People sit on the fence not knowing if they should buy or not and with all of the negative press real estate is getting in this economy you can’t blame people from holding off buying today.


However, there are several reasons why the time to buy is now.  Here are a few;


  1.  Great Rates – rates are at a historic low.  Even if there is a slight drop in prices the lower interest rate could level out the price drop and you can enjoy the home now.  A rule of thumb is that a1% in the rise in the interest rate lowers your buying power by 10%.  Therefore if the home you are waiting to buy goes down 10% but the interest rate rises 1% you are still even with buying at today’s low rates.  When the market picks up rates will rise.
  2. Great Inventory – in most markets today the inventory is higher than normal.  This gives a potential buyer more options and opportunities.  As the market picks up the inventory will dwindle and a buyer’s options will be limited.
  3. Seller’s Anxious – when the real estate market is slow seller’s are more anxious to sell and will negotiate more.  This anxiety will go away and the seller’s will become stronger when the market turns for the better.
  4. Less Competition – there are fewer buyer’s in the marketplace creating a stronger negotiating position for those buyer’s that do enter the market.


In 1991 I had sent out a post card just like this and those buyers that bought have been good clients ever since and were indeed happy that the did not listen and follow the crowd and made there dreams come true at the right time.


The Time To Buy Is Now!


Audrey & Frank Serio, CRS

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