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Gift or Inheritance - Does It Matter?

by Audrey and Frank Serio, CRS

A person called into a radio talk program with a situation that was troubling to the caller and disturbing based on the potential tax liability that may have been avoided.


The caller’s elderly father had deeded his home to his daughter a few years earlier because in his mind, his daughter was going to get the home eventually and this would be one less thing to be taken care of after his death. The daughter didn’t really care because the father was going to continue to live in the home and take care of it so that it would be no expense to her.

Obviously, unknown to either the father or the daughter, transferring the title of a home from one person to another could have significant tax implications. In this case, when the father “gave” the home to his daughter, he also gave her the basis in the home which is basically what he paid for it. If she sells the home in the future, the gain will be the difference in the net sales price and her father’s basis which could be considerably higher than had she inherited it.

If the home was purchased for $75,000 and worth $250,000 at the time of transfer, there is a possible gain of $175,000. However, when a person inherits property, the basis is "stepped-up" to fair market value at the time of the decedent's death.  If the adult child had inherited the property, at the time of the parent's death, their new basis would be $250,000 or the fair market value at the time of death and the possible gain would be zero.

In most cases, there are less tax consequences with inheritance than with a gift. There are other factors that may come into play but being aware that there is a difference between a gift and inheritance is certainly an important warning flag that would indicate that expert tax advice should be sought before any steps are taken.

RE/MAX National Housing Report November 2014

by Audrey and Frank Serio, CRS
Published on Dec 3, 2014

RE/MAX researches 53 major metropolitan markets and analyzes the data to get a pulse on the US housing market. Here are some highlights from this months report. To download the full report visit For more information about your local real estate market and what these trends mean for you, contact Audrey and Frank Serio, CRS for more information on the Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island and surrounding resort areas. To get the latest listings as they hit the market free to your inbox just click here and customize your search.



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The Importance of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

by Audrey and Frank Serio, CRS

Prior to putting your home on the market it is a recommended that you have your home pre-inspected to avoid any potential problems or delays in the sale of your home and to also save you time and money.  The last thing you need when selling your home is to have negotiated a sale price with a buyer only to have an unexpected home inspection item that needs to be addressed prior to closing and costing you more out of pocket money.

Today’s home buyer’s will seek the services of a licensed home inspector to go through the home to insure that they know the quality of  the home they are buying and to have those items that need repair taken care of prior to closing.  Having a Pre-Listing Home Inspection performed will help solidify your contract and the buyers’ home inspector will confirm that they are buying a good, sound home.

We have had two situations recently where we recommended a pre-listing home inspection on homes we were listing for sale in the Bethany Beach-Fenwick Island resorts areas.  Both of the homes were rather new but still we recommended the pre-listing home inspection just to be proactive and avoid any potential problems when the home would go under contract.  In both cases the owner's felt comfortable with the quality of their homes and refused to have a pre-listing home inspection and in both cases there was a problem.

Now the seller's had negotiated their bottom line and then had to come out of pocket to pay for additional repairs.

If you are thinking of selling your home consider having your home pre-inspected.  you need to ask yourself a couple of questions;  Am I confident in the quality of my home that a buyer's home inspector will not find anything wrong with our home? and, Will I be able to pay for additional repairs after the contract has been negotiated?

We have prepared a checklist that can help get you get started with your own evaluation of your home and prepare you for the pre-inspection.  It is important to note that this is not a home inspection and should not be considered as an official home inspection but merely to be used as a reference sheet.

We will be happy to provide you with a list of licensed home inspector that will inspector your home and give you a full report.


Audrey & Frank Serio, CRS

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Establishing An Email List Through Your Social Presence

by Audrey and Frank Serio, CRS

The economics of target marketing relevant information to the consumer is extremely effective and a benefit to any business or brand.  Through the advent and growth of social networks the consumer is already sharing information and engaging with the brands they trust and admire.  Being able to capture these consumers when they are interested and engaged becomes critical to the success of the marketing of the brand.  So, the challenge is, how do brands turn fans and followers into an email subscriber.


The answer here is to get the consumer's permission to have direct, targeted, relevant information sent directly to them.  Most consumers would confirm that the best way to get your brands message to them would be by email.  The brand then must maintain a level of engagement to keep the consumer interested.  A good way to think about this is to ask yourself, “If I received this email would I open it?”  A well thought out email campaign is critical to the ongoing relationship being established.


Facebook and Tweeter are ideal for converting fans and followers.  With Facebook create a call to action or widget with an opt-in form for the consumer to sign up to receive upcoming messages.  Create contests, give away coupons, free reports and any other information the consumer will find relevant.  Maybe have testimonials on the landing page of other consumers who are pleased with the information. 


This can also be accomplished through Twitter by using an abbreviated URL with a catchy description to get followers to click on the link and go to the brand’s landing page.  Tweet about contests, give-aways, exclusive offers, etc.  The consumers are following the brand for a reason and in most cases they will opt to receive what the brand is offering.


Very few brands do this and if your message is compelling enough your fans will request more information.  Do the same on your websites and blogs and you will find your email list growing pretty quickly with the most important consumers to your brand.


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